About Us

Love2shop is the UK's top multi-retailer gift voucher and prepaid gift card, accepted at over 100 major retailers with more than 20,000 stores UK wide.  

Our Website

Love2shop.co.uk was launched in 2014 as the hub of everything Love2shop, to provide a range of retailer, reward and incentive solutions for businesses, plus online shopping, card management and offers for everyone else.

Our Values

Since the brand launched in 2004, Love2shop has stood for choice, flexibility and ease of use.

Our Logo

Three coloured icons spell out our brand name while keeping customers in mind:
The heart is for gifters, who give cards and vouchers to their friends and loved ones.
The 2 reflects our B2B network that uses our products to reward and incentivise.
And the bag relates to our end users, who have never had more shopping choice.

Who runs Love2shop.co.uk?

The website is operated by Park Retail Ltd. Park Retail is a subsidiary of Park Group plc, the UK's leading multi-retailer voucher and prepaid gift card business.

Love2shop Cards and Vouchers are also available from Love2shop Business Services (formerly Love2reward.co.uk), highstreetvouchers.com and getpark.co.uk.